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Police Services

The following is a list of services that our Department offers to the campus community:


Contacting Someone in an Emergency

In the event of an off-campus emergency and family or friends are otherwise unable to reach a student or employee, the GRCC Police Department will attempt to deliver a message.  The criteria for delivering messages are very strict and typically limited to medical emergencies or deaths in the family. 

Please call (616) 234-4010 to speak to a dispatcher. Be prepared to provide your contact information as well as details of the emergency.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items located on the GRCC Campuses are to be turned over to the GRCC Police Department, 25 Lyon Street, NE. Items found at the Lakeshore campus should be turned over to the front desk clerk. 

To claim property that was lost, you must bring a picture ID to the GRCC Police Department and explain, in detail, the description of the property. All property that is turned into the Police Department is held for the time period Michigan law mandates.

Medical Emergencies


All injuries, no matter how minor, that occur on campus must be reported to the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department. A report will document how and where the incident occurred. Contact (616) 234-4010 to report a medical emergency. You may also call extension 4911 from any campus phone to report the emergency. Medical reports are confidential.

When at the GRCC Lakeshore Campus, call 911 to report a medical emergency. All medicals should also be reported to the GRCC Police Department.


GRCC staff shall report all injuries to their supervisor and to the GRCC Police Department. The Police Department will provide the necessary Human Resource and Insurance forms to be completed at the time of injury. These forms are necessary to seek medical treatment due to a work-related injury.

Motorist Assistance

The GRCC Police will assist motorists stranded by mechanical failure or other problems with their vehicle on Campus property by providing battery jump-starts, lock-outs or help in obtaining a tow service. Students, staff and visitors requesting assistance must sign a waiver form before services can be provided. Requesters must also provide a valid drivers license. Assistance may be requested by calling (616) 234-4010 or from any campus Emergency Call Box.

This service is not provided at the GRCC Lakeshore Campus.

Open Doors


Access to locked areas will be determined by the GRCC Police Department. Instructors have to submit a predetermined list to allow access for students into certain designated areas. That list is kept in the dispatch area of the GRCC Police Department. A picture ID is required at the time of service.


Due to extenuating circumstances, staff and faculty may need assistance entering locked rooms. Please appear in person at the Police Department or call (616) 234-4010 for assistance. A picture ID is required at the time of service.


The Police Department has a certain number of keys that we release to contractors on a daily basis. If approved by the GRCC Facilities Department, a contractor may appear in person at the Police Department with a picture ID and sign out a key. The picture ID will be kept at the dispatch area as collateral until the key is returned at the end of the day.

GRCC Safe Walk

The Grand Rapids Community College Safe Walk is designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind if you must walk after dark.

The primary goal of GRCC Safe Walk is to enable students, faculty, staff and visitors to travel to and from one location to another with a greater sense of security.

Safe Walk is provided by certified Police Officers of the Grand Rapids Community College Police Department.

To arrange Safe Walk call extension 4010 or go to 25 Lyon Street,NE (across the road from the Cook Building). If calling, specify to the dispatcher where you are, where you will be waiting and your destination. (If calling from a building, wait inside but check periodically for the officer). Should there be a delay, please be patient.

The GRCC Lakeshore Campus also provides Safe Walk service. Safe Walk is provided by DK Security Officers who patrol the GRCC Lakeshore Campus.

Property Damage Accidents

Private Property

Michigan law does not require reports of private property accidents or accidents with combined damage of less than $1000.00, unless there is injury. GRCC PD will provide you with a self reporting accident form for the convenience of your insurance company.


For accidents that occur on the roadway with more than $1000.00 worth of damage and/or personal injury, MUST have a police report.Anytime you are involved in an accident, it is advisable to contact the Police immediately. If the police cannot arrive in a timely fashion or you have to leave, it is your responsibility to exchange information with the other driver. The following information is needed: the name of the driver, telephone number of the driver, license plate number and insurance information. If you leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information, a misdemeanor citation, that requires a court appearance, may be issued.

If you see a driver that is involved in an accident leave the scene, try to get their license plate number and a description of the driver and contact the police. When in doubt, contact the GRCC Police Department, (616) 234-4010. If you have an incident at one of the City's DASH parking lots, you will need to contact the City at (616) 456-3751.

Vending Machine Refunds

If a Coke product and/or Canteen food item was purchased from an on-campus vending machine and you experienced an issue (i.e. item not dispensed, change not given etc..) you may request a refund.

Report a Vending Machine Issue

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