Legal Requirements

Criminal Background Check

Felony and some misdemeanor convictions will prevent you from completing program requirements and taking licensure, certification, and registry examinations, thus affecting your employment options.

Federal and state laws require a criminal background check with fingerprint of those assigned to long-term care facilities, psychiatric agencies, nursing homes, and homes for the aged. When assigned to such a facility, you must permit GRCC to perform a criminal check and to release the findings to the facility. 

Should a student who has passed the fingerprinting/background check be involved in any illegal or criminal situation that may affect their previously submitted background check, that student must notify the Nursing Program Director immediately. Under such circumstances, a student may be required to stop out of the program until a resolution is reached. Please be aware that, for legal reasons, some incidents may prohibit the student from completing the clinical requirements of the Nursing Program or prevent them from sitting for the State Board Licensure Examination (NCLEX). 

For additional information: Health Programs Background Check Information.