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Covid-19 vaccine requirements

As expected, requirements around the Covid-19 vaccine continue to evolve amongst our clinical partners. Although some facilities will wait until the Covid vaccine has full FDA approval, this approval is likely to come some time during the Fall 2021 semester. Other facilities will require the Covid Vaccine for Nursing Students as early as the start of the Fall 2021 Semester. Thus, in order to ensure clinical placement and program completion it will be necessary for all GRCC Nursing Students and Faculty to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. At this time, we do not know for what, or if any exemptions will be granted. Please keep in mind any exemptions/waivers may be facility dependent, and thus exceptions could vary between clinical partners. 

The Nursing Programs are obligated to abide by the requirements imposed by our clinical partners. We cannot guarantee alternate clinical site placement for students who do not meet these requirements. Please refer to our Legal/Clinical Partner Requirements.

Futures for Frontliners Scholarship Program

The Futures for Frontliners scholarship provides eligible frontline workers with tuition-free access to pursue an associate degree or a certificate at their local community college.

For more information, please visit our Futures for Frontliners website.

Nursing programs at GRCC

Our Nursing program provides students with learning opportunities that enable them to attain licensure as a Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse, and empowers them to succeed in a changing healthcare environment.

This program is designed to provide the credits necessary for eligibility for practical nursing licensure, registered nursing licensure and transferability for a bachelor's degree in nursing.

GRCCs Nursing Programs prepare individuals to take the program’s corresponding NCLEX exam in the state of Michigan, upon program completion. Graduates who wish to practice nursing in other states should review the licensure requirements for each state through their individual Boards of Nursing.

Degree and certificate programs

Our programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education (ACEN), as well as the Michigan Board of Nursing.

See our Nursing Program Licensure Pass Rates.

For information on licensure (the exam is often referred to as the NCLEX, National Council Licensure Examination) or an application packet, please see the Michigan Board of Nursing website link above.

Upon completing your program

These programs can move you into the workplace or transfer easily to four-year degree programs at other Michigan colleges and universities.


Alec Faliki
I had gone to college right out of high school, and I had quickly learned that I was not ready. When I decided to pull the trigger again, GRCC was waiting for me with open arms.
Alec Faliki, nursing student

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