Course Offerings in Astronomy

AS 102 - Introductory Astronomy

A descriptive survey of our understanding of the universe. Topics include the stars, planets, galaxies and the universe as a whole. This course examines the ideas covering the birth, life and death of stars, planetary formation and environments, and also the ideas about the creation, structure and possible futures of the universe. This is a non-laboratory course for non-science majors. Students who wish to learn to identify the stars and constellations or those who require a laboratory science course should enroll in AS103. Credit toward an associate\'s degree will only be given for either AS 102 or AS 103, but not for both.
Course Fee: None (Tuition Rates & Fees)


AS 103 - Descriptive Astronomy

AS 103 provides a descriptive survey of our understanding of the universe that satisfies the general education requirement for a laboratory science course for non-science majors. Topics include cycles of the sky; astronomical history; the birth, life and death of stars; planetary formation and environments; galaxies and cosmology. The laboratory portion emphasizes observations of the night sky, learning sky motions and investigating astrophysical phenomena. Credit toward an Associates degree may be granted for only one of the following: PC 131, AS 102, AS 103. Recommended Skills: Students should have an upper-moderate level of abilities for visualization of spatial relationships (relative position, size, distance).
Course Fee: $10 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


AS 106 - The Solar System and Extra-Solar Planets

This course is an introduction to the solar system and comparative planetology. It covers the apparent motion of the sky (Sun, moon, planets), the seasons, lunar phases, eclipses, Newton\'s laws of motion and gravity, tides, telescopes, the planets and moons of our solar system, solar system debris, the theories of the formation of the solar system, the discovery and observation of extra-solar planets, and the possibility of life on other worlds.
Course Fee: $10 (Tuition Rates & Fees)


AS 108 - Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology

This course is an introduction to our understanding of stars, the galaxies holding them, and the theories of the formation and structure of the universe as a whole. It covers observations of the sky (stars, asterisms and constellations) and its motion, the Sun, the interstellar medium, stellar birth and evolution, the death of low and high mass stars and their end states (neutron stars, pulsars, black holes, etc.), the Milky Way, galaxies, active galaxies and quasars, and provides an introduction to ancient and modern cosmology. This course includes a lab component.
Course Fee: $10 (Tuition Rates & Fees)