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Physical Sciences

Do you plan to study Astronomy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell/Molecular Biology, Geology or Physics? Will your education include an associate, bachelor’s, and master's degree — and maybe even a Ph.D. program? Continue your education journey at GRCC, a university quality education at a community college price. 

Why Physical Sciences at GRCC?

  • You'll work in state-of-the art-labs.
  • High-quality and rigorous science education with faculty who hold advanced degrees in their field.
  • Small class sizes to facilitate communication and mentoring between you and your professors.
  • Your professors will provide academic and career advisement.
  • Graduate with your associate degree and transfer as a junior to the college or university of your choice with little to no debt.
  • Our transfer students report being just as, or more, prepared for their coursework than those students who attended that college or university their freshman and sophomore year.
  • In addition to our transfer programs, the Michigan Transfer Agreement guarantees your transfer to any public four-year college or university in the state upon graduation.

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318 Calkins Science Center

Future students

GRCC biology student using a medicine dropper to put liquid on a microscope  slide.

Physical Sciences Degrees

Study Astronomy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell/Molecular Biology, Geology or Physics. University quality education at a community college price.
GRCC student adding solution to a beaker in a chemistry class

Apply to GRCC

Your first step to becoming a GRCC Physical Science major is to apply to GRCC.

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Trevor Beardsley
I didn’t know much about chemistry going into GRCC, and they really made all this possible for me, giving me the confidence to push my knowledge to the limit and put my skills to work.
Trevor Beardsley, Associate of Science

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