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Corrections, A.A.A.S.

As a corrections officer you will protect and oversee people who have been arrested, are awaiting trial, or who have been tried and convicted of a crime and are sentenced to serve time in a correctional institution.


Begin, or advance, your career in the field of corrections as a:

  • Patient care provider in psychiatric inpatient facilities.
  • Counselor in halfway houses.
  • Residential advisor in probation and patrol centers.
  • Probation or parole officer. 
  • Adult corrections officer in prisons and jails.

The GRCC Corrections Associate Degree offers two options for you to choose from – Sheriff’s Corrections Academy and General Corrections. Both options will prepare you to work as a corrections officers in the state prison system and will lead to the Michigan Corrections Officer Training Council Certificate (MCOTC).

Sheriff's Correction Academy

The GRCC Sheriff’s Corrections Academy option will prepare you to work as a corrections officer within the local jails, and meets the requirements of the Michigan Sheriff’s Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC). It is offered both as a stand-alone certificate, and as an option within the Corrections Associate Degree.

After you are admitted to GRCC, you may apply to the Sheriff’s Corrections Academy at any time. Entry in to the academy is not guaranteed due to the selective admission process. Contact the GRCC Corrections Training Coordinator for more information about admissions requirements.

General corrections

The General Corrections option will prepare you to work in community corrections, probation or parole. You will also be qualified to work as a correction officer in state prisons. For this option, you will take courses outlined in the General Corrections section under that Corrections, A.A.A.S. degree in the GRCC catalog.

History of convictions may affect employment
Employment within the Criminal Justice field may be delayed or denied depending on a history of convictions involving felonies, misdemeanors and/or involving controlled substances.

Program Courses and Requirements


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