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Dental Assisting Estimated Cost Sheet for 2023-24

Fall Semester

Fall SemesterFee
Tuition (Resident) * 27 Contact Hours4158
GRCC Fees312
Dental Course Fees (including instrument kits)1233
2 sets of Scrubs, Lab Coat, clinic shoes, safety glasses250
Semester Total6728

 Winter Semester

Winter SemesterFee
Tuition (Resident) * 28 Contact Hours4312
GRCC Fees301
Dental Course(s) Fees including one instrument kit727
CDA Exam (Optional)450
RDA Examination and Michigan License Fingerprinting Fee200
Semester Total6290

 Summer Semester

Summer SemesterFee
Tuition and GRCC Fees (Resident) *7 Contact Hours1078
GRCC Fees70
Semester Total1148

Estimated Program Total: 14166

Tuition Rates

* Resident tuition - $154.00 per contact hour 

Non Resident tuition - $329.00 per contact hour 

Out of state tuition - $495.00 per contact hour