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Key Assessment Data

GRCC’s Child Development AAAS (Plan codes: 120 and 180) use the NAEYC Standards for Initial Professional Preparation as the program learning outcomes. These standards are made up of key elements that outline what students in the program should know and do. The standards provide a framework that is used in developing learner outcomes, classroom learning opportunities and assessments in each Child Development course in the program. This information is built into the Curriculog descriptions of each course.

The program has developed 6 key assessments that are offered in required courses covering all of the standards and their key elements. At the end of each semester, data from these 6 key assessments are reviewed and analyzed by faculty and guide program improvement.

The program provides evidence that the standards are being met through a full self-study report reviewing evidence for all of the standards every 7 years and through annual reports that look at one standard each year.

Data section of the self study report and the annual reports