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English Department Academic Advisors

Welcome to the English Department's Academic Advisors page. Here, you will find two different ways to get the help you need:

  1. Below, you will find the names, contact information and areas of interest for our full-time faculty. We encourage you to email a familiar or like-minded professor today!
  2. To the right, you will find documents that address frequently asked questions regarding financial aid and transferring.

Our full-time English professors can help you in your quest to learn more about English programs, majors, and degrees. Please contact us or drop by the English Department office at 400 CPP. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

English Advisors

Advisor Email Address Advising Courses

Michelle Allen

Composition, Education, Literature (American, African-American, Native American, Poetry, Science Fiction), Women’s Studies

Lyttron Burris

Literature (Children’s, Multicultural, African American)

Colleen Becker

English as a Second Language (ESL), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English

Vikki Cooper

Education, English, & Language Arts (Elementary, Middle School, & High School Levels), Secondary & Post-Secondary Reading

Susan Davis British Literature, Composition, Degree Paths: English Degree vs Writing/Rhetoric Degree
Shavval Douglas English Composition (100, 101), Literature
Anthony Dykema-VanderArk

American Literature, Multicultural Literature, Online Teaching & Learning

James Hayes

Katrina Kalisz

Poetry, Creative Writing, Women’s Literature

Maryann Lesert

Creative Writing (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Playwriting), Environmental & Social Justice (Sustainability), Writing in the Natural Sciences, Interrelatedness of the Arts & Science, Investigative Journalism

Meg Lockard

Student-Driven & Experiential Learning Environments; Online Teaching, Learning, & Writing; Research Writing & Publishing, Social Justice Issues

Andrew Lussky

Popular Literature, Literature of the Americas, Kurt Vonnegut, Creative Non-Fiction, Sports-Related Blogs

Rachel Lutwick-Deaner

Introduction to Women’s Literature, Popular Literature, English Composition, Understanding the World Through Writing, Reading 

Sean Mackey

Poetry (Beat Generation), Postcolonial Theory, Social Criticism, Masculinity Studies, African Literature

Christina McElwee

Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Reading

Mursalata Muhammad

Rhetoric & Composition, Literature (American, African American, US Latino), Creative Writing 

Nora Neill

Creative Writing (Short Stories), Reading Novels, Yoga, LGBTQ Community Meeting Space

Kimberly Olushola

Developmental Education

Beverly Shannon

Medical Writing, Degree Paths: Writing, Psychology

Sheryl York

English, Children's Literature