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We offer a nurturing and challenging environment where you can learn to use writing and literature as a way to make sense of experience, bring order to chaos and communicate effectively.

When students take classes in the English Department, they expand their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking through encounters with the work of historically and culturally significant writers. They bring to class the experiences of their generation, the stamp of their own lives and the ability to express their own voices.

Why English at GRCC?

  • Learn from distinguished authors with advanced degrees.
  • Hone your academic, creative and professional writing skills.
  • Learn different literary criticism theories, and how to compare, analyze, interpret and evaluate literature.
  • English majors earn rewarding careers. Professionals who collaborate with others, think creatively, illustrate adaptability and value diversity are always in demand.

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Rachel Lutwick-Deaner

Rachel Lutwick Deaner

Associate Professor and TLDE Faculty Professional Development Liaison
(616) 234-3088

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