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Accelerated Composition (A-Comp)

What is A-Comp?

Accelerated Composition (A-Comp) allows students with a higher-level Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW) placement to complete their EN 101 class in the same semester as their IRW classThis means that A-Comp students take IRW 099 instead of IRW 098.

Most students will have one English instructor for both of their classes. Students can ask questions on anything they did not understand in EN 101 and will have extra support designed to help them succeed. In addition to reviewing material from 101, the IRW 099 class will preview material and build background knowledge for 101. This often increases students’ confidence and improves their ability to successfully complete 101. Students will have several major essays to complete for both classes; the papers in IRW 099 are related to and expand on content and skills from 101.

A-Comp is offered both at the main downtown campus and at our Lakeshore campus.  There are no online sections.

What are the benefits of taking A-Comp (IRW 099 + EN 101)?

  • Cohort model. Students get to know classmates and their instructor better since they have two classes together.

  • Students save money on textbooks. The books for EN 101 are used in both classes.

  • Students take fewer credits of English and save money on tuition. A-Comp is six credits. The alternative (IRW 098 followed by EN 101) is seven credits.

  • Students can finish graduation or MTA requirements sooner because they will finish EN 101 in one semester. The alternative (IRW 098 followed by EN 101) takes two semesters.

  • IRW 099 curriculum helps students succeed in EN 101.

  • Students spend a semester focusing on writing, which can lead to rapid improvements.

Student Testimonials:

  • “This class has been a great tool in conjunction with English 101.”
  • “I was glad to be in A-Comp to help me get used to writing and college in general.”
  •  “I loved this class."
  • "A-Comp helped me become the writer I am today"
  • "I liked the family feel; we bonded like a family over our writing."

For additional questions:

Contact Sheryl York (

The GRCC model is based on Community College of Baltimore County’s (CCBC) Accelerated Learning Program (ALP).  We are amongst 227 colleges across the country currently offering this accelerated program.