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Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages at GRCC prepare you to connect and contribute to your local and global communities, enhance your personal and academic growth, and expand your world view.

Foreign Language classes transfer to four-year institutions and fulfill four credits of the Humanities requirement for graduation and the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) . Classes are offered at a variety of flexible times and locations — from our downtown campus to regional sites around West Michigan. We are committed to providing excellent instruction and learning opportunities for our students. Our goal is to develop maximum language proficiency and bring cultural awareness to students in their chosen language.

Full-time and adjunct faculty members can advise you with details on available classes, potential career options, and travel and life experience opportunities while studying a foreign language. We can also help you understand how foreign language classes tie-in to programs and graduation requirements at four-year transfer institutions.

Spanish 102 Self-Evaluation

Spanish 231 Self-Evaluation