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Language & Thought Scholarships

Allen G. Gerrard Scholarship

This fund provides one or more annual scholarships to Hispanic freshman and sophomore students who have displayed an interest in majoring in one or more foreign languages. 

Audrey L. Wright Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in the study of a foreign language during their freshman year at GRCC, and who intend to enroll in the intermediate foreign language courses during their sophomore year at GRCC.

John Regenmorter Scholarship

This scholarship is available thanks to a generous gift by former GRCC speech instructor John Regenmorter. Two scholarships are offered each year to students who have earned a minimum of six credits in approved Communication Studies classes at GRCC, or be in the process of completing those credits at the time of applying for the scholarship. Students must also receive at least a B in those classes.

Approved Communication Studies classes:

  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COM 131)
  • Interpersonal Communication (COM 135)
  • Gender and Communication (COM 235)
  • Intercultural Communication (COM 236)
  • Organizational Communication (COM 250)
  • Mass Media (COM 254)
  • Fundamentals of Public Relations (COM 266)

To apply for this scholarship, submit a two-page, typed and double-spaced essay explaining how the study of communication will benefit you, either through an academic program, or specifically in your personal or professional life. Submit the essay to a Communication Studies faculty member or the Language and Thought Department, 330 Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, no later than March 31.

To learn more and apply for additional scholarships available at GRCC, please visit the GRCC scholarship website.