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Campus Gender-Related Facilities

Tampons and Pads Available for Free (or at Low Cost) on Campuses

GRCC is distributing free tampons and pads at cross-campus locations. Some restrooms and all snack pantries will be stocked with tampons and pads. Tampons and pads will also be available at three different vending machines on campuses at a minimal cost.


The following restrooms will have menstrual hygiene products:

  • Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, formerly Main Building, First Floor, Women's
  • Cook Hall, Fourth Floor, Unisex
  • Applied Technology Center, Second Floor, Women's
  • Library and Learning Commons, Women's
  • Student Center, Second Floor, Women's
  • Science, First Floor, Women's
  • Sneden, Second Floor, Unisex 
  • Music, First Floor, Men's and Women's

Snack Pantry Locations:

  • English, 400 College Park Plaza
  • Library and Learning Commons
  • Sneden Hall, First Floor
  • Tassell MTec
  • Student Center, Third Floor
  • Lakeshore Campus 

Vending Machine Locations:

  • Applied Technology Center (ATC), Second Floor
  • Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, formerly Main Building, G2 - Winchester Alley
  • Student Center, Third Floor

Lactation Room for Students and Staff

GRCC supports students and staff who have a need for lactation accommodations. Two options are available for those who wish to take advantage of GRCC lactation rooms. 

Main Campus

Cook Hall has a private, secure, Raider card only accessible room; to gain access, you will simply need a one-time activation of your Raider card.  This can be accomplished by contacting Jodie Boelens in the Health Sciences Resource and Tutorial Lab, 401 – Cook Academic Hall.  The preferred method of contact for this purpose is through GRCC email at or by phone at (616) 234-4320

DeVos Campus

Sneden Hall has a lactation room across from Sneden 206; it does not require Raider card authorization but may be locked from the inside when in use.

Any questions about the lactation accommodations can be directed to GRCC Title IX Office, at (616) 234-3924.

Gender-Inclusive (sometimes referred to Gender-Neutral or Unisex) Restroom Locations

(See campus map for building locations)

  • Administration Building - Room 228
  • Applied Technology Center - 1st Floor near Room 139, Room 201 in Art & Bev's Kitchen, Room 202 in Art & Bev's Cafe, Room 314A
  • Carriage House - 1st & 2nd Levels
  • College Park Plaza - Room 101
  • Cook Hall - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Floors in elevator lobby
  • Ford Fieldhouse - Room 208 in pool office
  • Learning Corner - Adjacent to Classroom 3
  • Learning Resource Center - 2nd Floor, NE corner
  • Lettinga Center - Room 102, Room 110, Room 200, Room 206
  • Lyon Street Ramp - Facilities Office
  • Mable Engle Hall - Room 101A, Room 107, Room 109F, Room 206, Room 208E, Room 301B, Room 302B, Room 303C, Room 304E
  • Music Center - 1st Floor in elevator lobby area
  • Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, formerly Main Building - Room 24, Room 345, Room 412, Room 502
  • Sneden Hall - Room 120, Restroom near Room 214, Restroom near Room 314, Room 300A, Room 300B
  • Spectrum Theatre - East Hallway of Lobby, Level 1 Main Corridor, Lower Level
  • Student Community Center - 3rd Floor inside Disability Support Services office Room 368
  • White Hall - Basement Room 3C, Room 303C