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Our Mission

It is the mission of the visual arts department to support the College’s Mission by:

  1. enabling our students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their goals by fostering their artistic growth, development of specific skills, personal expression, and appreciation for art.
  2. contributing to the continuing vitality of the arts in our community and beyond through the creative work and service of our students and faculty.

Driving our mission, we believe that arts impact demonstratively the following personal and community values:

  1. intellectual enrichment, ethical perception, and overall quality of life.
  2. success in education, including students at risk by balancing academic breadth with skills training, providing alternative learning opportunities,  encouraging self-expression, and nurturing self-esteem.
  3. economic growth for more attractive and desirable communities.
  4. critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, visual skills, collaboration, and curiosity/desire for  learning.
  5. respect for and appreciation of individual and cultural diversity (past and present).

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