Course Substitution Request

Note for Students: Please work with an advisor or Department Head/Program Director to complete this form.

Before completing this form, please answer the following questions. If  "NO" is the response for any of the questions, the student may not be eligible for a substitution.

  1. Does the substitution meet 2/3 of the course outcome?
  2. Is the substitution within the 3 allowable substitutions for the degree or 1 for a certificate?
  3. Will the student be able to achieve the objectives of the program?
  4. Is this course substitution being requested for an articulated program?

If YES, please attach an email authorization from the four-year partner institution

  1. Is this course substitution for a program discontinuation as part of a teach-out plan?
Personal Information

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Program Information

Please provide information regarding the program for which the course substitution is being requested.

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