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Application Requirements

Graduation Applications should be submitted to the Student Records Office when the student is enrolled in the final classes required for their academic program. 

Graduation Application evaluations are based on the graduating semester, with the processing of the current semester audits coming before future semesters. The results of the Graduation Application evaluation will be emailed to you within six weeks after grades have been posted for the intended graduation term. Diplomas will be mailed within eight weeks following the end of the graduation term.

If you need help determining if you are ready to graduate, please use the following resources:

Application deadlines

  • Fall semester: December 1
  • Winter semester: March 27
  • Summer semester: August 1

Delta Pi Alpha Honor Recognition

The Delta Pi Alpha Honor Recognition honors students graduating during the current academic year with superior scholastic achievement for the top 5% of our graduating classes.

Students that have not met graduation requirements per College policies or the Academic Catalog but believe they have extenuating circumstances which should be considered may submit a Petition for Exception to College Graduation Requirements. This form is available for student pick-up at the Office of Student Records. Petitions are reviewed by the Academic Requirements Committee following the deadline to apply for graduation in the semester the student intends to graduate.

A commencement ceremony takes place at the end of each Winter semester. Students who have completed graduation requirements in the Fall or Winter semesters of that academic year or who will complete required coursework in the Summer session after the ceremony are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. Visit the commencement web page for further details. We hope you will celebrate your accomplishment with us at this ceremony!

Note: Participating in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee graduation.

You may earn more than one degree, but please note that two degrees may not be completed during the same semester and it must not violate the following conditions:

  1. The Associate of General Studies degree may not be earned as an additional degree.  
  2. No additional associate degree will be granted in programs that require the same Program Courses.

Degree postings may be checked using the Online Center to view your unofficial transcript.