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Give Help - A Community of Care

What is a community of care?

A community of care welcomes individuals within the community to come as they are–the needs of one are the needs of many. Here at GRCC we believe that we all play an important role in creating a supportive community from the ground up. When tough times come, so too do gaps in our lives that impact our ability to succeed. This is where we come into play–are we going to fill the gap for our students so we all can reach success? 

 The more people saying “I support, because I care,” the more this gap gets filled. 

How can we get started?

  • Destigmatize the shame surrounding basic needs insecurities by learning more! Visit this Google Doc folder, where we compile studies, articles and resources to learn more about the impact basic needs gaps have on our students, community, and our nation. You must be logged in to your GRCC account to view! The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice survey is another great starting point.
  • Rally around student hunger and donate! Our Food and Snack Pantries rely on the community’s support to keep running. Donations (see the Pantry List for examples,) can be dropped off at the Student Life Office, bought from the Amazon Wish List, or you can donate designated funds online or in person at the GRCC Foundation Office. 
  • Get the word out! There are a lot of resources available for learning more and sharing the word. Feeding America has a Spotify/Apple podcast called Elevating Voices, Ending Hunger. Reach out to the Student Life office to get updates, see how to get involved, and how to share resources to students! Let’s get the campus and community connected.
  • Create events! Want to collect personal hygiene items to donate? Want to make a potluck to fill students’ stomachs? Whether you’re faculty or staff, a student organization or just a group of people with a passion, reach out to Student Life about hosting events to support our students! Submit the "Host a Drive" form on Raider Connect to get started.
  • Be a part of the community! Student Organizations are designed to create a welcoming space for students to interact with each other in a real way. The more connected we are, the more we can see others for who they are, and addressing the community’s needs falls into place. Students are encouraged to follow Raider Connect to find out more about events on campus and the Student Orgs that are gathering, and faculty or staff can reach out to Student Life to learn more about becoming a Student Org advisor!

If you have any concerns or questions, comments or ideas, complete a form to let us know! Or, feel free to contact Student Life at (616) 234-4160.