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How to Create a Student Organization

All students interested in starting a student organization should review the Student Organization Manual for information on funding, resources, and policies prior to formation. 

Step One: Recruit Members and an Advisor

  • To become a recognized student organization, you will need to have at least three (3) members. Members must be currently enrolled at GRCC. 
  • Each recognized student organization must also secure a full-time or long-term, of at least two (2) years GRCC employee to serve as an advisor.
  • Please collect the members and advisor/s names and GRCC email address in the form of a roster. View a sample roster.

Step Two: Contact the Office of Student Life and Conduct

Please email the Assistant Director of Student Life with your interest to start a new student organization. They will guide you through the pre-registration process and introduce you to the student involvement portal, Raider Connect. Additionally, they will be able to give you other information pertaining to your specific interests and what to expect next. 

Step Three: Identify an Executive Board  

Each organization must identify at least three (3) students who are currently enrolled at GRCC in credit bearing courses to qualify as an executive board (e-board) member. They must be in good academic standing and conduct standing (not on any type of probation). These e-board members may be temporary until elections are held. The registration process will require you to provide contact information from your roster.

Step Four: Drafting a Student Organization Constitution

All student organizations at GRCC are required to have a constitution to ensure compliance with various policies and regulations. A constitution also provides student organizations the opportunity to craft their mission, purpose and identity as well as develop guidelines for membership, affiliation, and executive board duties and procedures. Please utilize the constitution template to guide your organizations constitution writing.

Step Five: Register to be an Active Student Organization

Once you have gathered all of the criteria, designate one person to be the primary contact of the organization to continue to become an active organization by filling out the registration form on Raider Connect. Registration is reviewed within fourteen (14) days of submission. Registration should be completed by an incoming executive board member who will hold their position into the new academic year, not an advisor.