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Prepare to Meet with an Advisor

What to expect

  1. Bring transcripts (official or unofficial) from any other college or university you attended.
  2. Bring your questions for the advisor.
  3. Expect to discuss your academic performance and courses taken.

Questions to ask during your advising appointment

How do I:

  • choose, declare or change my major?
  • calculate/raise my GPA?
  • determine the number of credits I should take each semester?
  • know when I have fulfilled the requirements to graduate?

Where do I:

  • go for tutoring?
  • go for testing services?
  • find course transfer equivalencies?

What is:

  • the MTA program? and how can it help me?
  • the difference between the transfer guide and catalog? and which one should I use?
  • concurrent enrollment?

Who can:

  • help me identify my career interests?
  • help me with my study skills, time management, goal setting and test taking methods?
  • I talk to if I have a learning disability?
  • make sure I'm taking the right courses?
  • assist me with my writing?

Helpful Resources