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Meeting with one of our licensed professional counselors can help you identify what matters to you in your life and career.

Whether you're brand new to exploring your opportunities, having difficulty choosing, or have already selected a potential career, we can help you feel confident in your path forward.

What to expect

  1. A 30-minute introductory appointment that will focus on your goals and expectations, career-decision making readiness, as well as influencing factors such as academic, family, and employment history.
  2. Follow-up appointments, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending upon your pace and preference.
  3. Career exploration assignments including an assessment of your career and work values, skills, personality preferences, and interests.
  4. A guided process to help you narrow your options. You will learn how to access reliable information regarding the required knowledge/skills and abilities of each occupation, as well as wages and employment growth.
  5. You can then work with your academic advisor to better understand your academic pathway.

Make an appointment

Schedule your appointment by calling (616) 234-4130.