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DSS Appointment Types

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Type of Appointment (schedule these through Navigate) 


Changing/Using Accommodations

Discuss how to use your approved accommodations or make changes to your approved accommodations.  This type of appointment can be scheduled at any time throughout the semester. 

Course Planning

Outline courses you need for upcoming semester(s).  This type of appointment is great to schedule throughout the semester but specifically before registration opens for an upcoming semester.

Current Course Concerns

If you have a specific concern related to your success in one or more courses that you are currently attending and would like some support. This type of appointment could be beneficial at any time throughout the semester

Degree Planning

Take time to identify and select your program.  This might include a discussion about your career or transfer goals.  You may be interested in this type of meeting to get help confirming your program choice and learning about what you need to do to complete that program.

Graduation Application or Audit

If you are approaching your last semester of courses, you need to apply to graduate.  Set this appointment up if you would like help with that process or to confirm with your advisor what is left to complete in your program. 

Help with Clockwork

Clockwork is the DSS database system that supports our accommodation approval process and other things like testing space reservations.  Set up an appointment like this if you would like help navigating through and using it’s features 

Reconnecting to DSS

If you have previously been supported by DSS and are returning to GRCC after some time away, you will want to set up an appointment to reconnect with our office for planning and review of previous accommodation use.    (Please call (616) 234-4140 for assistance scheduling this appointment)

Returning After Suspension 

If you have been placed on Academic Suspension you will need to meet with your assigned advisor/counselor as you return.  In this appointment you will review strategies related to overall success and plan your next semester of courses. (Please call (616) 234-4140 for assistance scheduling this appointment)

Strategy/Management Discussion

At times different aspects of managing your academic work and disability may need some strategy.  Set a strategy/management meeting to set some intentions and review specific ways you might approach your work. 

Transfer Questions/Planning 

If you are exploring the transfer process to another college or university, set this type of appointment to discuss your next steps and review your plans.


Do you have concern that does not fit into any of the other categories?  Set this type of “other” appointment and discuss your concerns with your advisor