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 All students who wish to activate their accommodations for a particular course must share an electronic copy of their Accommodations Letter with each instructor via the Clockwork Student Accommodation Portal. Once you have requested accommodations through Clockwork, your accommodations are considered usable.

Some accommodations have additional steps that must be taken once a you have requested accommodations each semester Follow the additional steps each semester if you need and have been approved for any of the following accommodations:

Accessible Course or Classroom Materials

Contact your assigned DSS counselor/advisor to coordinate materials as needed.  This may involve securing equipment or materials creation and may take some time to organize.

Accessible Furniture Requests

Fill out an Accessible Furniture Request Form 14 days before class begins for each class where a piece of accessible furniture is needed.   If your accessible furniture is not in your classroom, please notify DSS immediately so that we can fix the problem.

Alternate Formats for Textbooks

Complete the the Alternative Textbook Request Form

Once the form is completed, Disability Testing Center staff will work to secure the alternative versions of the textbooks as quickly as possible.  A staff member will contact you  when the textbooks are completed and to arrange pick-up details. 

Options for Alternate Formats of Textbooks vary depending on the book and the needs of the student but can be available in electronic, enlarged, audio, or braille versions.

Braille textbooks should be requested at least 2 months in advance.  

Enlarged textbooks should be requested at least 1 month in advance. 

Audio and electronic textbooks should be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.

Attendance Flexibility Consideration

This accommodation requires a plan in each class and with each instructor each semester.

  • Your assigned DSS counselor/advisor will initiate a conversation via email after you request this accommodation through Clockwork. 
  • Participate in this discussion and communicate with your instructor and DSS counselor/advisor as these considerations are finalized.
  • Your Instructor must determine whether attendance is essential to their particular course.  DSS can always provide guidance to faculty on how to determine this.  If attendance is not essential, the Flexible Attendance Consideration Accommodation would be considered reasonable for that particular course.
  • Disability Support is willing to help students and faculty work through these situations, please contact your counselor/advisor with any concerns.

Captioning Services

CART (live in-class transcription/captions):  Contact your DSS counselor/advisor through email or appointment at least 2 weeks prior to each semester to request CART services .

Video Captioning – Many instructors are captioning their videos regardless of an accommodation request.  Meet with or email your DSS  counselor/advisor at least 2 weeks before each semester to communicate video captioning  needs to faculty.

Changing Accommodations

If you need to change or add accommodations, please schedule an appointment to discuss these concerns with your assigned DSS counselor/advisor.

Classroom Assistant

Complete the Classroom Scribe Form to notify the DSS office of your accommodation needed for the semester.

Email your assigned DSS advisor/counselor.


DSS Borrowed Equipment

Create a PDF of your current semester accommodation.  Show this PDF to the circulation desk at the GRCC Library and Learning Commons.  The library will check out the approved materials to you for your semester.  Return the item to the library at the end of the semester.

Peer Note Taker

Check out peer note taking materials from the DSS Testing Center.  Invite your instructor to assist in finding a peer note taker in your class.  You may remain anonymous to this note-taker or connect directly with this volunteer.  If your instructor is unable to help locate a volunteer, please contact your DSS counselor/advisor.

Sign Language Interpreting

Email your assigned DSS counselor to coordinate ASL interpreters for each semester.

The DSS office will work to identify and schedule ASL interpreters for your classes or other campus activities.

Students must give DSS 3 week’s notice in order to secure an interpreter for a course.  

If you change your schedule, notify your DSS counselor/advisor immediately so that the office can work to coordinate interpreters. 

When less than 3 week’s notice is given, interpreters cannot be guaranteed for the first day of class.

Testing Accommodations

Use Clockwork to schedule tests with accommodations in the DSS Testing Center

Review DSS Testing Center information for detailed reminders about this process.