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Graduation Application Introduction

Congratulations on nearing the end of an academic program (major), MACRAO credential, and/or MTA credential at GRCC!

Be Advised: The Student Records Office will only process a student's initial submission. If you are submitting an additional submission to correct your graduation semester, please contact the Academic Advising & Transfer Center to discuss your options. If you are submitting an additional submission to correct any other mistakes made in the first submission, please contact the Student Records Office.

Graduation application due dates

The last date to submit a Graduation Application for each graduation semester is shown below.

  • December 1 – Fall graduation 
  • April 1 – Winter graduation
  • August 1 – Summer graduation 


Students are expected to fulfill all applicable requirements below at the point of his/her graduation evaluation (when all grades have been posted):

  • Academic Progress has been reviewed for program completion;
  • A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA;
  • Enough credits completed to reach the minimum total required of your academic program (major), MACRAO credential, and/or MTA credential;
  • All academic program (major), MACRAO credential, and/or MTA credential requirements have been satisfied;
  • If applying for an associate degree, a minimum of 15 credits at GRCC;
  • If applying for a certificate, a minimum of 8 credits at GRCC;
  • All transfer credit needed for evaluation is posted on your transcript (if applicable);
  • All substitutions/waivers must be sent by the appropriate department head/program director by the deadline for a student's graduation semester;
  • Incomplete grades have been resolved.

All students who submit a Graduation Application are eligible to participate in GRCC's Commencement Ceremony held at the end of each winter semester.

Be Advised: Participation in the ceremony does not guarantee that you have earned your degree.

Graduation application form

If you are confident that you will satisfy all requirements above please fill out the Graduation Application.

Graduation Application Form


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, we recommend that you speak with an advisor.