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Guest and Event Parking

The Parking Task Force Committee recommended that we implement changes to the Guest and Event parking process on campus. This change was also precipitated by the move to the Raider Card and the elimination of tokens.

The following describes how this process will work. We have tried to make this process easy to use and to make our handling of guest and event parking consistent on campus. This means that just like students and staff, there will be a charge for guest and event parking on campus.

There are two options:

  1. Departments want guests to park on-campus for free will order Guest Parking Vouchers. This is similar to our old practice of departments buying tokens and having them available for guests and visitors.
  2. Departments sponsoring events on campus where the participants will pay upon entering or exiting the ramps will order Event Parking Vouchers. This is similar to departments making arrangements with GRCC Police for events on campus.

Guest Parking Vouchers

Guest Parking Vouchers may be purchased by a GRCC department or organization. Guest Parking Vouchers are prepaid parking passes and are good for one full day of parking.

The vouchers are non refundable and non transferable. Guest parking vouchers are only redeemable for use of Parking Ramp A (formerly Bostwick Street Ramp) and Parking Ramp B (formerly Lyon Street Ramp) parking areas. Also Parking Ramp C (formerly DeVos Campus Ramp), but guests must use the student entrance from Fountain Street or Fulton Street. (Prospect Street is for Staff Only). They do not guarantee a parking space.

Departments should allow two processing days for requests. We recommend a department order an amount in advance and then secure the guest parking vouchers in their offices for use through-out the semester.

Event Parking Vouchers

Event Parking Vouchers allow holders to receive a discounted parking rate. Event Parking Vouchers may be requested by a GRCC department or organization, or an organization using GRCC facilities.

The vouchers are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Event parking vouchers are only redeemable for the day of the event and in Parking Ramp A (formerly Bostwick Street Ramp) and Parking Ramp B (formerly Lyon Street Ramp) parking areas. They do not guarantee parking.

Event Vouchers require 15 business days for processing. Reasonable requests within this time frame will be considered. Approval will require that on-campus room reservations have been confirmed, and if necessary GRCC Police and facilities coverage has been arranged.

Voucher Ordering Process

  1. GRCC employee requests event and/or guest vouchers using the web form.
  2. An e-mail request is automatically generated to GRCC Police. The guest and event parking database is automatically updated.
  3. The request is reviewed, denied or approved, and the contact person is notified.
  4. For a request for Guest Parking Vouchers, the contact will be notified that these will be available for pick up from the GRCC Police Office. GRCC Police will complete the internal billing for the Guest Parking Vouchers.
  5. For a request for Event Parking Vouchers, the contact will be notified if vouchers will be issued; a program or other event item will be used as proof of attendance, of if the funds will be collected upon entrance to the event. This decision will be made by GRCC Police and Parking Services. The contact will then be notified to alert participants.

We encourage departments to consider passing the cost of parking on to their event participants. Departments who purchase Guest Parking Vouchers should attempt to re-allocate their existing budgets to cover this expense. Off Cycle or Mid Year Budget requests may be submitted with approval or your CLC representative if this change causes a budget hardship.