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Here to Help: Rose Sickrey helps students navigate an affordable college education

July 7, 2023, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Rose Sickrey is a proud Grand Rapids Community College alumna and staff member. 

Sickrey came to GRCC as a first-generation college student being raised by a single parent. She was impressed by the support she received from professors, staff and fellow students. 

“I remember turning in an exam one day and leaving the classroom. My professor quickly came into the hallway; I thought I had forgotten a portion of the exam. He surprised me by sharing his excitement and support for my educational career as I was transferring to the University of Michigan. I will always hold the memory, and his kind words dear to my heart,” Sickrey said. 

Sickrey is a Customer Service Specialist in the Student Financial Services. The department assists students across all financial brackets to make education accessible. 

Sickrey encourages students to be unashamed in asking for help. 

“There are so many resources available at GRCC, whether it be for mental health, finances, research opportunities, or extracurricular activities,” Sickrey said. 

The faculty and staff at GRCC are always willing to help students. Sickrey loves helping the next generation of students figure out how to make their educational dreams achievable. 

Sickrey continued her education with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Arts from The University of Chicago. 

More information about Student Financial Services can be found here.

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