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Learn from the Best: Dr. Nathan Lindy helps students explore the world through physics

Sept.30, 2022, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Whether virtual or in person, Dr. Nathan Lindy, builds connections with students, focusing on the success of each one.

Lindy, a GRCC physical sciences assistant professor, originally wanted to teach in the K-12 system, but later decided to teach at the college level. 

“The strength of the GRCC physical sciences program is the smaller class sizes, where students are able to interact with their actual instructor,” he said. 

“Designing teachable labs is hard work and time intensive,” he said. Lindy focuses on building time into labs to connect with students and help them through the material. Using those teaching moments to build bonds with students and learn from them –making him a better teacher. 

“My father always taught me to explore the world around me (and beyond), and I’m doing that every day with my physics students at GRCC,” he said. 

A former student of Lindy’s shares that though physics is a tough subject, and students should plan to do a lot of studying and be prepared for class, Lindy is very helpful during class and his office hours.

 “Dr. Lindy is one of those professors who genuinely cares about your performance in the class as well as your well-being,” they said.

Learn PH 115 Technical Physics, PH 245 Calculus Physics 1, and PH 246 Calculus Physics with Lindy at GRCC this winter. Registration is open and classes start Jan. 9, 2022.

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