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Peter Secchia's final project shines bright


Some interesting facts about the unique Secchia Piazza:

  • Work started in October 2021.
  • An underused outdoor patio has been enclosed with oversize glass doors that can be opened in nice weather.
  • The central feature is a “skycone” that’s 31 feet wide and 15 feet tall with 20 glass panels in seven shades of oranges, yellows and greens.
  • Under the skycone is a tondo, a round floor pattern designed by GRCC designers. Concrete was pumped up two stories, then the floor cured for 28 days before it was smoothed and polished with diamond-coated grinders. The color was added last.
  • The Heritage restaurant was also renovated and connects to the piazza.
  • It was named one of WOOD TV’s 10 projects changing the Grand Rapids area in 2022.