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Workforce Wednesday: Recent Job Training program grads are gaining in-demand skills leading to rewarding careers

May 12, 2021, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – GRCC Workforce Training programs provide in-demand skills leading to rewarding careers. Each Wednesday we’ll meet students who are heading down an educational pathway and changing their lives by earning occupational certificates.

Recent GRCC Job Training graduates are celebrating even though they were unable to hold in-person graduation celebrations.   

This group of students showed an incomparable amount of fortitude. Some of the hands-on programs paused for weeks due to various pandemic challenges. Students showed dedication to come back to school, knowing the program would take a few weeks longer to complete.

“It wasn’t easy, but I really want these skills,” said Eric Ouwinga, who completed the Machine Tool/CNC program.

Many of the grads are getting right to work, like Francis Motsay, “I will be starting as an IT tech support for Car City. I’m pretty happy to get to work!”

The GRCC Job Training program uses an open enrollment model, which means programs begin about every other month. Students in the same program may be just beginning while others are almost done. There is no need to wait for a semester to begin.

By the time a student is admitted to GRCC, they can likely begin the program of their choice within a month. For Juan Miranda, a Welding program graduate, the timing of the program was perfect.

“I wanted a program that wouldn’t take so long,” he said. “I want to get to work and start making money as soon as possible.”

Job Training classes run 34 hours per week and about 20 weeks in length. All eight of the   programs are designed by area employers and industry experts, so students get the hands-on training used on the job.

“I have a bachelor’s degree already,” said Tyler Woodworth, who also completed the Computer Support program. “I didn’t want something that would put me back in debt. I’m ready to get on with my life.”

After entering a Job Training program, students are assisted by career coaches and instructors to determine the best training plan to meet their goals. Job placement assistance is also available upon program completion. 

Anyone interested in gaining career skills through GRCC Workforce Training can connect via email at, and by phone at (616) 234-3800. Additional information is at


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