Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for many courses.  Our online tutoring sessions are synchronous, which means the tutor and student will work together, at the same time, in a digital space discussing the student's course content.

When accessing online tutoring for courses offered at GRCC, please be sure to:

  • Have your Student ID number handy so that our tutors can document the session.
  • Have your writing, textbook, class notes, assignments sheets, etc. nearby for quick reference during the session.
  • Have your speakers (or headphones) and microphone set up in advance so that you can speak to the tutor.  You can also call us at the lab if you do not have a microphone set up. (Not all tutorial centers utilize voice chat.)
  • Find a quiet place without much background noise for the best learning environment.
  • Find a location with a good WiFi signal or internet connection.
  • Be aware that online tutoring is only offered during each tutorial center's open hours.  Please see the relevant tutorial center's web page for the current schedule.

All online tutoring at GRCC is delivered via one of two tools: Zoom or Google Hangouts.  Both tools are free and are available on many different devices and platforms.  They are also available using many different web browsers.  The table below summarizes how to access online tutoring at GRCC:

Tutorial Center Name

Tool Used

How to Access

ATC Tutorial Lab


Visit the ATC Lab’s Blackboard site.

Biology Learning Center


Visit the BLC’s Blackboard site.

Business Tutorial Lab


Visit the Business Lab's Blackboard site.

Calculus & Physical Science Tutorial Lab


Visit the CAPS Lab’s Blackboard site.

Math Prep & Learning Lab


Visit the MPLL Lab’s Blackboard site.

Mathematics Tutorial Lab


Visit the Math Lab’s Blackboard site.

Language Arts Tutorial Lab

Google Hangouts

Visit the LA Lab’s online tutoring instructions


If you have any trouble trying to connect with us using Zoom, please feel free to contact the relevant tutorial center directly.  You can also access Zoom’s Technical support webpage.

If you have any questions about using Google Hangouts for online writing tutoring, stop by the Language Arts Lab in 501 Cook Hall or call them at (616) 234-4244.  You can also visit Google Hangout’s support webpage.