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The images and words you use in print, digital and video are a strong reflection of the GRCC brand. Diversity of race, culture, lifestyle and age are important in conveying the true GRCC experience. Connect with your audience by highlighting a student whom they can relate to, or by capturing interesting interactions between students that reflect the academic pathways they can follow at GRCC. The imagery should convey emotions and atmosphere — look beyond the straightforward and typical to find a more inspirational perspective. What visual pieces will best convey details about your program and increase your campaign's impact?

Campus Photography 

We keep an updated catalog of campus photos for use on our PhotoShelter online archive. If you'd like to use any of these photos please send us an email with the links to the images you'd like to use. 

If you'd like to upload any photos to PhotoShelter, please review our photography naming conventions, which includes keyword and archiving instructions so we can keep a consistent process in place for finding and sharing our campus photography.

Event Photography

We work with an experienced photographer who will capture the essence and energy of your event. Although our photographer is not on staff, the rate charged includes uploading and tagging photos in photo library so you and your colleagues can use them. Connect with us today to schedule a photographer.

Second-Party Photography

Those employees working with community partners who would like to shoot photos in common areas on campus need only to provide advance notice to the Communications Department and GRCC Police, and must acquire permission from students and visitors to the campus who may be in the photograph at the time it is taken.

Should you need photos of faculty and students in classrooms or other learning environments, please acquire permission in advance from them. Community partners may use their own photo release forms. Please let those involved know that anyone uncomfortable with participating may choose to step out of class during the photo shoot.

If you're working with a vendor for any photography names, please review and share our photography naming conventions so we can keep a consistent process in place for finding and sharing our campus photography.

Photography Disclaimer

Grand Rapids Community College reserves the right to use photographs, taken either in class or on GRCC campuses, of GRCC students and/or their art, for the purposes of instruction, advertising and promoting GRCC and its programs. Students, or parents of students who are minors, who do not wish to comply with this policy must notify the Student Records office in writing when they register. Please email us with questions about this disclaimer.

Video Creation

Underscore your message with the vivacity and humor that video can bring to your campaign. We will work with you and our colleagues in media production to create a script and storyboard, identify talent, schedule a shoot, and assist media with production logistics and editing. Connect with us to discuss using video in your promotion campaign.