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Energy Management

Grand Rapids Community College understands the effect of energy consumption on both the environment and the budget. With the cost of energy rising and environmental concerns growing, the college is proactively limiting energy consumption whenever and wherever possible. 

Energy Conservation Program

The energy conservation program is designed to reduce utility energy consumption primarily when buildings are unoccupied. However, it also seeks to make students, faculty and staff more conscientious with conservation procedures for thermostats, lighting, computers and other resource-consuming systems. By all of us working together, GRCC can become a model of thoughtful stewardship, not only of natural resources and the environment, but also taxpayer and tuition dollars.


GRCC has adopted procedures to assist in achieving its energy management goals. It is essential that the procedures be observed to promote the conservation of energy. The success of this program requires the participation of all staff, students and faculty. The simplest energy conservation measures could save millions of dollars in energy costs annually. View energy conservation procedures and refer to our Policies webpage for information on GRCC's Energy Policy.

Award for Energy Stewardship

GRCC was presented with the Award for Energy Stewardship in September 2009, and again in July of 2011. The award is environmentally-focused and seeks to recognize the impact the college's energy program is having on natural resources. GRCC is an Energy Star Partner, and an EPA Green Power Partner.  GRCC was named the 2011 Green Generation Customer of the Year by Consumers Energy. GRCC currently maintains approximately 13% green power purchases from Consumer Energy.