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Submitting a Work Order

How to Submit a Work Order

Work order requests are submitted through the Facilities Department work order system (FMX).  To submit a work order access the online form provided by FMX. If this is your first time creating a work order you will need to register. 

To log into the system use your GRCC username and password.

If you are unsure about submitting a work order or have a question, please contact your Building Manager, they will be able to assist you.

Work Order Request Form

Contact Information for Building Managers

Building ManagerBuildings
James Hanafin
(616) 234-3760
ATC, Lakeshore, MTEC and Spectrum Theatre
Mike Rowe
(616) 234-3250

Administration Building, Calkins, Custer House,
Ender Hall, Ford Rec Center and Fieldhouse and Ramp B 

Tom Vos
(616) 234-3955
Early Childhood Learning Laboratory (Preschool),
Learning Resource Center, Music Building and Student Center
Robert Green:  
(616) 234-3952
Bostwick Office Suite, College Park Plaza, Cook Hall and RJF

In case of a Facilities emergency

If this is an emergency, please call extension 4057 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, and on weekends, please call GRCC Police at extension 4010.  

Emergency Examples: Overflowing toilets, sewer backups, floods, roof or ceiling water leaks, major plumbing leaks, gas leaks, chemical spills, electrical outages, elevator entrapment, inoperative door locks or fire alarm activation.

Note:  Facilities does not handle repairs to telephones, internet, or cable TV. For assistance please contact the IT helpdesk at 4357.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a work order?

Any GRCC employee may submit a work order. Registering is a simple process and it only takes a few minutes to create an account.

How quickly will my request be handled?

Response time is dependent on the priority, work order type, and resource availability.  Work orders are assigned a priority based on the type of request.

  • Priority Emergency:  Emergency work orders will receive immediate attention until completion.
  • Priority High: All High priority work will be addressed within 24 to 72 hours or until completion
  • Priority Medium: Medium priority work orders are considered routine corrective maintenance requests and are addressed ASAP, typically within 1-4 weeks. Examples include a light that is out, basic carpentry repairs, and minor plumbing problems.
  • Priority Low: Low priority work orders are categorized as “new” or discretionary work. These items are scheduled according to available resources and may take considerably longer to complete than Emergency, High, or Medium priority work orders. Some examples include picture hanging, or painting.

Please note that material, equipment, and space availability will determine or may extend the completion time.

Can I just stop or call/email a facilities staff member I know and get them to take care of a problem?

We strongly recommend submitting all work orders through the online request form to ensure that your request will be properly dispatched and tracked. This process will allow you to receive email notifications and monitor your requests by selecting the Maintenance Requests link in FMX.

What if I don’t know the request type?

Enter the request type that best describes your work order. Facilities can update the field if needed. As an added resource, check with your Building Manager if you have any questions.

Some work orders are hard to describe in writing. Is there a way to add a picture to my work order?

Yes. New work orders allow you to add a picture under the attachment section. Simply take a picture of what you are describing, download it and attach it. You are able to download multiple pictures.

Why does it take so long to complete a project?

Project completion is dependent on several factors such as planning and design, product lead time, room availability, cost, and scheduling/coordinating amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Will Facilities automatically pay for departmental requests?

It depends on the work. Some work would come out of a department budget, for example…

  • Painting and carpet replacements before finishes have reached end of life 
  • Installing academic program-related equipment
  • Appliance purchases
  • Furniture purchases