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Administrative Professional's Day

A reception is during the nationally recognized Administrative Professional's Week to thank the APSS (Alliance of Professional Support Staff) group and the administrative assistants at GRCC. This event is hosted by Staff Development.

Grant Recipient Recognition

Employees being awarded  Instructional Improvement & Professional Development (IIPD) Grants, Support Staff Professional Development (SSPD) Grants, or Innovation Grants will be recognized in GRCC TODAY. Any GRCC employee who applies for and is awarded a grant will be recognized in GRCC TODAY.


The President's office sends a sympathy card to employees when there has been a death. In the event of the death of an immediate family member as determined by established criteria, a $25 donation to the GRCC Foundation is made by the President in the name of the deceased.

Labor Union Recognitions & Remembrances

Flower Fund Policy: The Faculty Council sends flowers to a faculty member’s family when the faculty member, spouse/domestic partner, or children are hospitalized, but not to faculty members’ parents or relatives who are hospitalized.

The Faculty Council sends flowers or makes an appropriate contribution to a selected fund when a faculty member suffers the loss of a spouse/domestic partner, a child/children, or mother or father (no in-laws or other relatives).

Effective October 1, 1990, the Association Vice President should be contacted by Department Heads/Program Directors and/or Council Representatives when department members or their immediate family members are ill or bereaved. The Vice President must be given all the particulars: hospital address, funeral home, selected fund, etc.

Retiree Gift Policy: The Faculty Association will give each retiring full time faculty member $10 for each full time year of service as a gift upon retirement. This will be administered by the Treasurer.

The Alliance of Professional Support Staff (APSS) recognizes retirees, graduates, and out going officers at their banquet. They mention birthdays in their monthly newsletter. They send cards to employees who are hospitalized. Births are recognized with a $25 savings bond. Those members getting married while employed at GRCC or receiving a degree from an institution of higher education are presented with a $25 check. A memorial contribution is made to the GRCC Foundation when a member experiences a death in her/his immediate family. Retirees receive a gift valued at $25 to $50 depending on years of services.

College Employee Benefit Association (CEBA) sends flowers for a member in the event of a death in the member's immediate family. Birthdays, hospitalizations, etc., are handled by the co-workers in the building. For example, when someone is in the hospital, or a favorite Uncle dies, or they have a birthday, it is usually taken care of by the building manager, or close co-worker