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Professional Development

Human Resources/Staff Development facilitates continuous improvement at GRCC by supporting professional development, promoting employee enrichment, and enhancing work-group effectiveness.

Supporting Professional Development

GRCC offers professional development sessions to all employees (faculty and staff) and provides other services including:

  • Helping individual employees meet their educational and professional development goals and needs.
  • Assisting departments in achieving team effectiveness and communication.
  • Identifying and facilitating the meeting of institutional training and development needs.
  • On-board New Employees: Introducing GRCC’s work culture and operations to new employees.
  • Work Competencies: Promoting behaviors that enhance workplace effectiveness.
  • Technology: Developing skills to use various technologies.
  • Leadership Development: Enhancing individual leadership skills and supporting a network of leaders.

We offer training sessions each year on a wide range of topics. Our training professionals also partner with individual departments in the development of customized programs to meet specific needs and collaborate with other training and development units in the design and offering of programs.

Promoting Employee Enrichment

Enhancing Work-Group Effectiveness

  • Tailored Training Events: Implementing training at the request of specific GRCC departments
  • One-on-One Training and Coaching: Assisting individual employees with achieving development goals

If you or your department are looking for a specific training and development opportunity please contact Angela Salinas at or (616) 234-2567.