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Survey Support

Institutional Research is happy to assist GRCC administration and faculty with constructing, administering, and analyzing surveys.

Guidelines for surveys

  • This process is intended for GRCC employees who would like to collect feedback from GRCC faculty and/or students only. Requests from those external to GRCC must be reviewed through the Institutional Review board. Requests from GRCC students will not be considered.  
  • The content of all surveys must be approved by the Director of Institutional Research and may require additional approvals of college leadership.
  • Surveys being administered to all students and/or all faculty will need to be approved by the Academic and Student Affairs Council.
  • Surveys being administered to all staff or the entire GRCC community will need to be approved by Executive Leadership Team.
  • We recommend that survey requests be submitted at least 60 days before planned administration to allow for subsequent efforts to be completed in time.
  • Surveys must be used to improve practices at GRCC, most notably student success.
  • Survey results will not be used or reported as partial fulfillment of degree requirements for any non-GRCC class or program, conference, or journal article.
  • Surveys that collect data which inform policies and practices related to those goals within the college Strategic Plan will take precedence.
  • Established college-wide surveys related to GRCC Ends and Indicators will take precedence including student satisfaction surveys, student engagement surveys, and campus climate surveys.
  • Only aggregated data will be provided to the researcher (no individual student data). Individual student data may only be collected in order to award incentives.
  • Survey incentives, if appropriate, must follow established guidelines set by the Provost and the Purchasing Policy.   
  • All surveys will be administered using our institutional survey tool.
  • The above guidelines cover all surveys intended to be completed regardless of format (i.e. paper/pencil, electronic, mailed, posted to social media).  

Survey request form

Please complete this survey request form in order to initiate the process. A member of the Institutional Research team will follow up as soon as we can.

Survey request form


If you have additional questions, please email