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Web and Digital Strategy

A user-first approach is our institution’s front door. It’s the first introduction most people have to our college and academic offerings, as well as the services we provide to students and our West Michigan community.

As the website is the college’s most heavily utilized marketing and communications platform, our work is critical in illustrating how we remain responsive to the needs of our students and community. We do this through constantly evolving our web presence to meet the needs of our users and ensuring they enjoy interacting with us online as much as they will when they walk through our campus doors.

Strategy at work

So, what does the Web and Digital Strategy Department do? We:

  1. Showcase the vitality and distinctiveness of GRCC through
  2. Work closely with the Communications Department to tell the story of GRCC’s impact on our students, alumni, employees, and community.
  3. Manage the evolution of Drupal, our college’s content management system.
  4. Manage the general content published on our digital monitors around campus.
  5. Assist IT in ensuring the website is available, 24/7.
  6. Establish and support digital branding criteria.
  7. Provide web editors with criteria and guidelines for developing quality content that is consistent in institutional messaging.
  8. Train and empower web editors to advocate for our institution through powerful content creation.
  9. Monitor website analytics and benchmark goals.
  10. Assist individuals across the college in content planning, development, and implementation.
  11. Ensure we provide web users with a good experience -- no matter the device.
  12. Meet with our users to test and measure user experience.
  13. Monitor and ensure search engine optimization.
  14. Ensure compliance with state and federal accessibility requirements, as well as established best practices.
  15. Engage with the greater GRCC community by leading the Web Advisory Council.

Faculty & Staff


Professional Support Staff