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Web and Digital Support Help

The Web and Digital Strategy department offers help with:

  • Drupal - Access and training for the web content management system that Grand Rapids Community College uses to create, manage and publish web content.
  • Webpages - Creating a new page, help editing page components, updating banner images, editing department page, editing a page and content, assisting with content development, evaluating pages for accessibility issues and help with uploads.
  • Webforms - Creating a webform, editing a webform, reviewing submissions and downloading submissions.
  • Bios - Creating a new bio, editing an existing bio and removing old bios. 
  • Digital Posters - The process of how a digital poster is created and who to direct digital poster questions to.
  • Accessibility Resources - Training in how to make documents accessible, tools to make documents accessible and help making documents accessible.


How to submit a ticket

Web and Digital Strategy Ticket

  • Email
    • Include a complete description of the problem
    • Provide URL of any web related issues

Need help creating a ticket not related to Web and Digital Strategy? Visit


Drupal, Webpage, Bio, Webform and Accessibility Resources

General information, how to's and resources can be found in the Drupal User Manual. If you don't find what you are looking for, please submit a ticket to and our team will be happy to assist you.


Digital Posters

Requesting a Digital Poster

From printed material:

  • Any ticket requesting promotional material for an event will automatically need a digital poster.
    • This criteria is similar to social media asset creation.
  • Other tickets for promotional items will be evaluated with the Web and Digital Strategy department to discern whether or not a digital poster should be created.

Additional requests or inquiries