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Anesthesia Technology Certificate

The curriculum includes selected science courses, which provide the basis for in-depth consideration of both theory and clinical application of principles utilized in Anesthesia Technology. Basic courses in the theoretical aspects of Anesthesia Technology encompass lecture, clinical, and on-line instruction.

Program information

Anesthesiology Technologists play a vital role in healthcare by providing support to Anesthesiologists by ordering, preparing, and setting up equipment for procedures. Anesthesiology Technologists calibrate and perform preventative maintenance on anesthesia machines and equipment.

Throughout the program, students are provided with hands-on experience in cooperation with various hospitals, under the direction of the Program Director, program faculty, teaching clinician and clinical preceptors. Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASATT) and become certified Anesthesia Technologist (Cer.A.T.T.).

Program Courses and Requirements


Collaborative Program Model

The Collaborative Anesthesia Technology Consortium program model allows for both apprentices and traditional college students to attain an Associate Applied Science in degree Anesthesia Technology and sit for the National board exam.  Students will take their didactic courses online as a cohort, through both synchronous and asynchronous instruction models.  Lab and Clinical education will be dependent on student location. 

The program is designed to meet the needs of employers.  The program is five semesters long beginning in the Fall semester. There are 8 general education courses to ensure students are prepared for the rigorous Anesthesia Tech courses.  In addition to the general education courses there are 9 anesthesia tech program courses.  

Consortium students will take their general education courses through their Degree-granting College, then transition to the Michigan College Online Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) ( for all program courses. The MCO allows for seamless transfer of courses between in the Provider College and Degree-granting institution.  Each partner College will provide clinical education sites within their service district for the number of students they accept into the program.

Program Mission Statement and Goals

The mission and purpose of the EPiC Anesthesia Technology Program is to provide for both the personal and professional career development of each Anesthesia Technology Tech student. The general goals of the program are:

  1. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for competency as an entry level Anesthesia Technologist.
  2. Graduates will exhibit professional growth and development through the values, attitudes and behaviors necessary of an entry-level Anesthesia Technologist.
  3. To prepare graduates to demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills and problem solving in their field.
  4. To prepare graduate to communicate effectively and professionally
  5. Graduates will complete the program within the scheduled timeframe with the ability to earn

ASATT credentials to successfully work in the field of medical imaging.

Program Learning Objectives

Graduates of the EPiC Anesthesia Technology program will be entry-level Anesthesia technologist prepared to complete the ASATT certification exam.

Upon program completion, students will:

  1. Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology and positioning to accurately perform anesthesia procedures.
  2. Evaluate patient conditions to ensure safe practices during procedures.
  3. Recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate lifesaving first aid and basic life-support procedures.
  4.  Evaluate the performance of anesthesia equipment and know the safe limits of equipment operation, and report malfunctions to the proper authority.
  5. Participate in anesthesia equipment quality assurance programs.
  6.  Provide care and comfort in regard to the holistic health of the patient, technologist, and others.
  7. Provide patient education related to Anesthesia procedures.

Program Admission Requirements

Please contact Summer Madrid at, (616) 234-3154 for start dates for the next cohort.

Additional Information