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Corrections Certificate

Graduate with a Corrections Certificate and you will have a marketable advantage when you apply for adult corrections officer positions in Michigan prisons. The Michigan Department of Corrections gives hiring preference to job candidates who have completed a degree or certificate in Corrections.

The five courses in the GRCC Corrections Certificate have been approved by the Michigan Department of Corrections and will serve as the minimum requirements that will allow you to apply for an entry level position as a Corrections Officer. This certificate will also enhance your skills if you are currently employed in a correctional setting.

The Correctional Officer Training Act requires that specific college courses (with a grade of C or higher) and academy training are necessary in order to certify individuals as correctional officers. Discuss your career goals with our GRCC Corrections Training Coordinator before enrolling. 

Financial Aid

This program is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid but could be covered by a GRCC Scholarship.

History of convictions may affect employment

Employment within the Criminal Justice field may be delayed or denied depending on a history of convictions involving felonies, misdemeanors and/or involving controlled substances.


Additional Information