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Pre-Geography, A.A. (General Transfer)

Learn the why of where! Explore the earth by examining natural environments and cultural landscapes.

With your bachelor's degree in Geography, you will work in fields such as:

  • Sustainable development.
  • Foreign affairs.
  • Environmental conservation.
  • Natural hazards analysis.
  • Water resources policy.
  • Global climate change assessment.
  • Humanitarian relief.
  • Cultural resources management.
  • Military intelligence.
  • Journalism.
  • Historic preservation.
  • Urban and regional planning.

By employing a global perspective, while also possessing and applying knowledge of how people and the environment are linked together, geographers conduct the sound analysis that is critical for solving problems facing both nature and society. Your Geography pre-major from GRCC will give you a holistic perspective of our world, gained from studying the social and natural sciences.

Graduate with your Pre-Geography, A.A. (General Transfer) degree from GRCC then transfer as a junior to the four-year college or university of your choice to complete your bachelor's degree in Geography.

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