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Pre-Economics, A.A. (General Transfer)

Study microeconomics and macroeconomics, and prepare for a fast-paced and high-paying career as an economist or economic researcher!

Why Economics at GRCC?

  • We teach students how to think analytically about social issues. Economics majors become keen critical thinkers, which makes them attractive candidates to a variety of employers.
  • Graduate with your GRCC Pre-Economics, A.A. (General Transfer) Degree and transfer seamlessly as a junior to complete a bachelor's degree in economics at the college or university of your choice.
  • The GRCC Economics pre-major will provide you a solid foundation of the two broad fields of modern economics, which includes macro- and microeconomics. You'll learn: 
    • How societies make choices under conditions of scarcity and the consequences of these decisions for society by studying labor markets, the environment, education, healthcare, international trade and finance, and much more.
    • Strong analytical skills that can be applied to a wide variety of social issues.
    • Strong mathematical skills.

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