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Admission, Enrollment & Tuition


If you're a first-time student at GRCC, you will need to complete a Construction Trades Application and email to or fax (616) 234-4435. You will then be issued a Student ID number that may be used to register for future courses at GRCC.

Tuition Rates

Please see our Tuition Rates & Fees, and Tuition Due Dates page for information, and note that the program no longer differentiates between students inside or outside of the district and charges one rate per course.

Based on the enrollment figures, the Construction Trades Department will make a decision as to which courses will run or be canceled due to low enrollment. Students will be notified if a class has been canceled.

Please refer to the Payment & Refunds page for information on refunds and policies.

Payment Procedures

A payment procedure for each course is listed in the Construction Trades Enrollment Information. Students are encouraged to pay for courses at the time of registration to avoid being dropped from the course or having the course cancelled due to low enrollment. All tuition must be paid by the tuition due date, or the student will be dropped. Once dropped, a student can re-register for a course if it is available, but payment must then be made at the time of registration.