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Dental Clinic FAQs

How much does it cost to have my teeth cleaned at the GRCC dental clinic?

The cost for an adult cleaning is $35 and the cost for a child 16 and under is $30. This includes a preliminary exam, cleaning, necessary x-rays and a fluoride treatment. For GRCC staff and students, the cost is $20.

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment is approximately 1.5-3 hours and some patients will need to return for additional appointments at no additional charge depending on the oral health of the patient.

Where is the dental clinic located?

The dental clinic is located on the Downtown Campus of GRCC in room 308 of the Cook Academic Hall. The address is 143 Bostwick NE, Grand Rapids 49503.

Where should I park while I am at the dental clinic?

Park in the Bostwick or Lyon Parking ramps located on campus. The receptionist will provide patients with a parking voucher to cover the parking cost. 

What is screening?

A dental screening allows the clinical faculty a brief assessment of your oral health needs, to ensure you meet the needs of the teaching institution. The assessment allows us to assigned a student with skills necessary to care for you. To schedule a screening appointment, please call (616) 234-4237. Screenings are not required for patients under age 18 or for current patients of record. After your screening, a student will be able to schedule appointments for you. If an appointment is not available following your screening, you will notified by phone when an appointment becomes available. The length of the wait for this first appointment can be one to several weeks, depending on the time of the school year and your individual oral health needs.

Why does this appointment take so long?

The clinic is an educational facility and the students are learning the process of dental assisting and dental hygiene. Professors perform periodic checks throughout the cleaning process.