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Online Dual-Enrollment for Mechanical Design

High school and home school students can start early in their Engineering or Mechanical Design degree program at GRCC — made easy with a combination of dual enrollment and online courses. 

Interested in engineering, how products are designed or learning CAD Software?

This opportunity can be used as an introduction to the field of engineering or as a chance to build upon existing skills while accumulating college credit.

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The following four courses are offered online in the Mechanical Design Department at GRCC.

EG 110 Engineering Graphics w/CAD

If you have never had a drafting class before, this is the place to start.  In this course, students learn to interpret and create 2D mechanical type drawings.  Students will start out learning AutoCAD software to create single and multi-view drawings.  Students will learn proper view position, auxiliary views, and section views.  Students will learn to apply: dimensions, tolerances, threads and fasteners, as well as basic functions in CAD necessary to manage files.  This is a great foundational course for engineering and mechanical careers.

DR 150 Introduction to SolidWorks

This is our introductory solid modeling course in our department.  It is the first of three course in our Mechanical Design Program.  SolidWorks is one of the leading parametric solid modeling software packages used in industry. In this course students are introduced to the basic functions of the software including the creation of 3D models, assembly of models, and generation of model and assembly drawings.

DR 140 Introduction to Inventor

Students learn to use AutoDesk Inventor parametric computer aided design software to generate: 3D models, assemblies, and 2D layout drawings.  This can be used as an elective course in our Mechanical Design Program.

DR 229 Detail Drafting

Prerequisite: EG 110 and DR 150 or DR 140. This is an advanced drafting course that dives deeper into standard design practices to create a drawing that can be manufactured.  Students will learn engineering standards, design layout, dimensioning, tolerancing, GD &T, and detail and assembly drawings.  Students will use either AutoCAD or a 3D modeling software to construct working drawings and engineering change order procedures.

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