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Mechanical and Architectural Design

When you were growing up, did you like to disassemble bikes, cars, electronic gadgets or other devices just to see how they worked? Were you a Lego enthusiast? Or maybe you liked to sketch or draw. These are all qualities that would make you a great fit for Mechanical and Architectural Design!

Why Mechanical & Architectural design at GRCC?

  • We nurture creativity and practical problem solving skills.
  • You'll learn sustainable design practices.
  • Within two years, you'll be ready to start your career or transfer to a four-year institution!

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ATC 232

Future students

A student uses architectural design software to create schematics and blue prints.

Mechanical & Architectural Design Degrees & Certificates

You'll have a degree that will open up a world of jobs that are in high demand. The best part is, you'll be using the skills you grew up on and creating things that others rely on.
A student designing a building on a computer

Apply to GRCC

Your first step to becoming a GRCC Mechanical and Architectural Design major is to apply to GRCC.

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Ryan Arcer
I had a solid base of skills that I have relied on my whole career – thanks to my classes here at GRCC.
Ryan Arcer, Alum

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