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Associate Degree Nursing Program Waiting List

How long is the waiting list?

The ADN waiting list is approximately 1 1/2- to 2 years from the time you achieve your "Ready Date." Current as of the Fall 2022.

Ready Date

Your Ready Date is the date you finish your last program admission requirement (see ‘requirements' section). You will receive a letter from the Health Admissions Coordinator announcing this date.

Recommended Courses

While you're waiting, we strongly recommend that you take the courses listed below, all of which are required for graduation from the Associate Degree Nursing Program:  

  • EN 101
  • EN 102
  • PY 201
  • PY 232
  • BI 121
  • BI 122
  • NUR 100 (Advanced Standing students do not need NUR 100)
  • Humanities General Education Elective (select one, minimum 3 credits) - See Course Catalog:  “General Education Courses” for options that meet this requirement.