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Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Curriculum

BI 121 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1**4532 
BI 122 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2**4532 
OT 102 Introduction to Occupational Therapy**333  
Admission Requirement Total1113   

First Year

First Semester

OT 105 Documentation in OT111  
OT 108 Therapeutic Intervention 13523 
PY 201 General Psychology**333  
GH 110 Medical Terminology**22   
CD 118 Human Growth and Development 1**4532 
EN 101 English Composition 1** (3)333  
GH 120 Therapeutic Relationships**333  
Semester Total1922   

Second Semester

CD 120 Human Growth and Development 2**333  
OT 109 Therapeutic Intervention 23523 
OT 110 Disabling Conditions444  
PY 231 Abnormal Psychology**333  
EN 102 English Composition 2**3332 
Semester Total1618   

Second Year

Third Semester

OT 208 Therapeutic Intervention 33523 
OT 214 Kinesiology in Occupational Therapy33300
OT 220 Fieldwork 1120015
OT 224 Fieldwork Integration 111100
OT 215 Supplemental Practice Skills for OT*1132 
HU Course (see current GRCC catalog)**33300
Semester Total1216   

Fourth Semester

OT 230 Fieldwork 2 (16 weeks)***10100040
OT 235 Fieldwork Integration II22200
Semester Total1212   

Total Credits/Contact Hours

  • Total Credits = 70 credits
  • Contact Hours = 81 contact hours

Additional information

* CH = Contact hours: The number of class hours of attendance required per week.

** Only these courses may be taken prior to formal admission into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. B1 121 and B1 122 must be completed within eight years prior to OT 214.

*** Students are encouraged to complete all non-OT classes before Fieldwork 2, OT 230/235. OT 230 requires 16 weeks of full-time (40 hours/week) fieldwork. Level 2 Fieldwork must be completed within 20 months of the didactic course work for an OTA program.

Note: Students must register by August 1 for OT 220 and by December 1 for OT 230 to be placed in fieldwork assignments. If not registered by these dates, students will not be assigned the fieldwork placements necessary to complete their program. They will have to wait until the next course availability.

GRCC Curriculum

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