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Preparatory classes

Students interested in the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program are advised to take preparatory courses in biological and behavioral sciences, such as anatomy, physiology and psychology. All applicants will be asked to take English and math placement tests, since good reading, writing and math skills are essential for success as an occupational therapy assistant.

Physical functions

Students will be required to perform certain physical functions in order to successfully complete the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. These functions will be performed throughout the course work and/or clinical experience. These functions are not conditions for admission to the program; they are to alert the prospective student to the physical and emotional functions required of an occupational therapy assistant. If a student requires accommodations, it is his/her responsibility to contact Disability Support Services at (616) 234-4140.

Fieldwork sites

Fieldwork sites are assigned within a 70-mile radius of the GRCC main campus. Students may be placed at any fieldwork site outside this radius at their request if a placement is available but only within the state of Michigan. Regardless of distance, students are responsible for their own transportation and any cost associated with it. Level I fieldwork occurs 1-2 times per a week over the fall of year two. Level II fieldwork is completed in the winter semester of year two in the program and consists of 16 weeks of full time (40 hour a week) fieldwork experiences. While most rotations occur weekdays between 7am-7pm, weekend and night assignments are possible.


The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program requires students to have up to date vaccinations for admission to the program. Contact the health admissions coordinator for specific vaccination requirements.

Immunization Requirements

Graduation eligibility

To be eligible for graduation, an OTA student must earn a minimum of C (2.0) in each of the required OTA courses and a minimum cumulative GPA of C in the prescribed OTA curriculum. A grade of C or better in EN100/101, EN 102, GH 120, CD 118, and CD 120 is also required.

The OTA program prepares assistants for entry into the profession and meets the educational standards for program accreditation.

GRCC Curriculum

Occupational Therapy Assistant, A.A.A.S.

OTA Curriculum