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Licensed technicians will use precision diagnostic equipment, service manuals and hands-on power tools to provide high tech, timely and quality service.

The Automotive Technician is required to be certified and licensed in the State of Michigan. As an Automotive Mechanic Technician, your job will be to diagnose and repair customer vehicles.

In 2016, GRCC became the only location in Michigan to partner with Chrysler Fiat to provide MOPAR CAP Level One Certification - giving students the opportunity to acquire the value credential which includes 37 certifications.

To be most effective in the auto-mechanic industry today, you will need to be able to read service manual schematics, perform basic shop math, read measurement tools and communicate effectively with others using automotive terminology.

If you are interested in having your car serviced by GRCC student technicians, please sign up.

Hear what our Automotive Technician students say about the program.

Nataly Ramirez hopes to change the automotive tech industry

Kevin Rios finds happiness and a great career as an automotive technician

Class Length

612 clock hours delivered in 18 weeks


Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

What will you learn while in training?

  • Introduction/Shop Safety
  • Electrical Systems
  • Front End and Steering Systems
  • Brake Systems, ABS
  • Heating and Air Conditioning; Recovering and Recycling
  • Teamwork and Communication Skills

What skills do you need to have prior to beginning training?

The trainee should demonstrate reading and math skills and have a valid driver's license. The ability to work with others, good hand-eye coordination, good color acuity and manual dexterity are also required.

Where is it?

Leslie E. Tassell MTEC
622 Godfrey SW
Grand Rapids MI 49503
(616) 234-3800

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Lydia Sprik
I really like the format of this program. We do a little bit of lecture in the morning, maybe an hour, but I appreciate how limited the class time is. I have really gained the most knowledge from our time working hands-on.
Lydia Sprik