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GRCC Geographers’ Commitment to Anti-Racism

Indeed, the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many other Black men and women have evoked sorrow and anger, and the assault on peaceful protesters demanding “equal justice under law” has sparked outrage. These events task GRCC geography faculty and students majoring in geography to proclaim a commitment to overtly confront racism. As oppression and inequality are evident in society and the environment, working toward making constructive changes that advance justice and equality for people of color is vital. Recognizing the horrific impacts of systemic racism, we stand in unity as geographers continuing to deliver a message of anti-racism in our roles as teachers, scholars, students, and citizens.

Given that, professors offer assurance to continue enhancing understanding of the craft of teaching with special reference to anti-racism, and we make a commitment to design and modify academic courses listed in the geography curriculum to explicitly address anti-racism in content, assignments, and discussions. Confronting racism will continue to be included as an important element of research carried out by faculty and students. Moreover, we remain dedicated to collaborating with student organizations and the Bob and Aleicia Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion to foster awareness and effect change with the purpose of ending systemic racism. Students serving as leaders in the Lambda Upsilon Chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, The International Geographical Honor Society, acknowledge this essentiality, and service to the local community with reference to matters affecting people of color is embraced as a civic responsibility.   

In essence, GRCC geographers affirm that working toward ameliorating injustice and fighting racism is impera­tive. Although we have done much, we are tasked with doing more --- and we are committed to doing more. All members of our community are encouraged to join us in this cause, as we work toward creating an equal society.